a slice of the mediterranean in melbourne

The Rowena recipe is distinctly Melbourne. Take a hefty serving of traditional Mediterranean provincial cooking, add a splash of international goodness and pinch of modern innovation and simmer slowly over a warm Richmond flame. The result is something warm, sincere and soulful. It’s heartwarmingly familiar, and yet, interesting and fresh.

“There really isn’t any place quite like Rowena”
– Mamma Knows East, 2017


Deeply rooted in the heritage of provincial Mediterranean kitchens, our offerings have evolved through the cafe culture which is uniquely Melbourne.

It started with Mamma in the kitchen 20 years ago, cooking up simple and sincere breakfasts and lunches for locals and travellers alike. Even though Mamma has hung up her apron (for the most part), her recipes, flavour combinations, and sense of communal hospitality still remains at the heart of our kitchen today.